May 14, 2008

I'm in an Asian state of mind.

The parasol grouping is from Pearl River. The other photo (courtesy of is of a favorite Seattle restaurant called Boat Street Cafe. I love the sparse interior punctuated with a ceiling dripping with various Asian-style lanterns and parasols. If I ever have ceilings that don't rub against the top of my head I would LOVE to do the same in my home.

As you all well know, I have rather eclectic taste. One of my inclinations that seems to be coming on strong today is my affinity toward Asian style/s.

Years ago, and I do mean years ago, I was an exchange student in Japan. Aside from getting my first drunk on and being wildly chased by a group of Japanese teenagers to avoid being swept away from an impending high tide, I also grew very fond of the aesthetic sensibilities of a culture and country I grew to love. Fast forward, and I worked for an Asian antiques company here in Seattle called Glenn Richards. They were some good years and it only served to further solidify my appreciation. But let's be clear that I'm not only about fine antiques. While I love the clean design I go all the way to the color and the kitsch.

We have a great International District here in Seattle where I can go to indulge myself. Karage (Japanese Fried Chicken!) at Fort St. George, a little Vietnamese Sandwich (so cheap, SO delicious!) at Saigon Deli, some Pho & Cafe Sua Da at Than Brothers, and serious shop-on at Uwajimaya. Too bad I always have to take a boat to do it...but at least it ain't a plane.

These were some fun online finds over at Pearl River.

I totally don't care that these are for "kids"...I would SO love to drink a little morning coffee out o' one of these cuties! Could a day start happier?

How I have yet to acquire one of these is completely beyond comprehension! So clever, so stylish! I think anything would taste better coming from one of these. Ooh! And they match the cups!

Loved these vintage-y enamel plate and bowl.


  1. If you haven't already been, you must visit DAISO in Westlake Center. We refer to it as "the Japanese dollar-fifty store" because that's pretty much what everything costs.

    It's super cool, and I imagine you could score a sweet bento box in there for under $5.

  2. Thanks Lulu! I will TOTALLY put that on my to do list the next time I'm in the city! Haven't heard of, haven't thanks for the scoop :)


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