May 16, 2008

I Relish Autumn

In my former life as a small stationery designer and manufacturer I had the great fortune to have contacted Relish At Home in Berkeley, CA. Representing smaller manufacturers and aspiring independents it sounded like the perfect boutique retailer to show my wares. My first contact was owner, Kelly Autumn Sperbeck. And, she was every bit as warm and inviting as the autumn season itself! But more than a kind and accomplished business woman, Kelly is also an equally talented designer/artist with her own line entitled k. autumn.

Since it is the wedding season I couldn't help but think of Kelly's Hairpin Flora line. Exquisitely designed and hand-crafted, they're the perfect element to add to a modern bride's accoutrement. She has been contacted by women from all over to acquire one of her special creations for their very special day...and for good reason. Offering both ready to wear options or custom color matching, the only thing that might be more exquisite than the hairpin itself would be the opportunity to work with a incredibly lovely person.

Viola from ChewingTheCud. Photography by Anna Kuperberg.

Joy from Oh Joy! & Nantaka Joy. Photography by Karen Wise.

Kelly also has additional product lines including her sweet scrappy leather bird keychains, daytripper book bags, 100% recycled paper notepads, and more. She is, if nothing else, very industrious! You can contact Kelly directly to inquire about any of her product offerings from k. autumn or Relish At Home or see if there is a shop near you that carries her wares. (And an online boutique is also in the works!) Or if you happen to be in the Bay Area be sure to stop by the Relish At Home shop/studio. Brimming with independent goods you'll soon "relish autumn" as much as I do!


  1. Ooh, lovely post! And timely, since I'm planning my own wedding.

  2. Well congrats to you, Laura! That's wonderful! Kelly's work is really phenomenal. She puts so much care into her craftsmanship. Good luck with the wedding planning :)

  3. Lovely floral hair pins and bags!


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