May 27, 2008

Beefy gets campy!

Well, Kids, it's moving on toward Summertime (please see that the sun gets the memo), and when I came across these it totally made me think of bein' all cute and outdoorsy. And wouldn't these just do it? I don't really know what it is about enamelware but I love it and GSI Outdoors is plum stocked with the stuff! I myself am more partial to the red and the green over the blue...yeah, oh yeah...lovin' on that green! I mean if you've got to crawl out on your hands and knees from a night sleeping on rocks and twigs what could be more delightful than coffee and breakfast served in/on this enamelware? Even better...sleeping in a comfy bed, Sunday NY Times, rolling (as opposed to crawling) out of bed for a leisurely enamelware cup o' joe on the deck. Yeah...I think that'd work best.

(Side note: Thinking of "camping" makes me think of the time I was a camp counselor many years ago. I was to look after a troupe of 10-year-old boys. All of the counselors were to come up with nicknames for themselves. Since Pee Wee Herman was the rage I thought, "Okay, then, "Pee Wee" it is!" Y'know...the kids will like it! Lesson learned: commanding any sort of authority is virtually impossible when you allow a child to call you "Pee Wee". Nuff said.)

1 comment:

  1. I would never, NEVER go camping.
    But I love the enamel ware.
    Will totally order some of their stuff.
    Very stylish for a picnick in Central Park.


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