May 07, 2008

Bally calling...

Maybe it's because I'm still not quite back to my old self yet (but almost there) and dreaming of the 50's glamour Mom whipping up my chicken soup, but loving the slough of vintage finds at Bally Hoo Vintage. They have an amazing selection of retro pieces from the 30's through to the 70's for both the ladies and the gentlemen. But visually, the ladies lot is so much more fun to look through. I mean check out these goods! Look at those aprons and tell me you don't start itching to make a little tomato aspic or Waldorf Salad for your next Summer soiree...? "Barbara! Joanne! The kids are playing here in the pool! Come on over! We can have a Tequila Sunrise and a Chesterfield and catch up on As The World Turns!"

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