May 21, 2008


Fear not sweet walrus...fear not. (Image from Wikimedia Commons.)

I love Seattle. It's a great city. But one thing that has always been problematic for me is the level of urban planning or the apparent total lack thereof. I have typically found that Seattle's answer to preserving its architectural heritage has been more likely at the end of a wrecking ball, having seen a number of beauties reduced to rubble over the years. Fortunately, someone had a different vision for one of my favorites...The Arctic Building. (C''s covered with these walruses! How could you not love it?!)

(Image from Wikimedia Commons.)

Thanks to the forward-thinking folks at Summit Hotels, this June '08 will see the Arctic Building's transformation into the Arctic Club Hotel. Below are some images from their website. They only have a few up at the moment but enough to get an anticipatory taste of things to come. Sure, they're seriously playing up to the Arctic theme with the "Juno" restaurant and the "Polar Bar", but chill out...they're not makin' you sleep in an igloo!

Comfy, clubby, cozy. Loving that chair!

The original domed ceiling on the top floor restored and freshened.
Yeah, it would really bite to have to have your wedding here, huh?


  1. The walrus details - love it. Will have to check it out next time I am up. Of course with gas the price it is, I might need to secure a loan for the three hour drive each way!

  2. i love that dome. we briefly considered that as a reception location. gorgeous!

  3. d. sharp...why don't you just hitch-hike? I'm sure it's perfectly safe these days ;)

    122lovesme...that would have been quite a reception!

    As always, thanks for the comments, Kids! :)

  4. ACK! Those walruses are incredible!!! I would love to see this building in person.

  5. Well,'ll be there when you want to see it! And, of course, I'd be more than happy to be a tour guide! :)


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