May 15, 2008

And the winner is....

I have to say I was rather shocked by last night's season/cycle finale on America's Next Top Model. I honestly thought that Anya would have prevailed...despite that voice! But I very much appreciated her energy and sweet nature. Kendall called it earlier in the evening that he really thought that Whitney would be crowned the winner. I felt she would definitely be in the top 2...but the winner?! Who would have thought?

But despite some of the horrific comments on the CW message boards, e.g. "Miss Piggy Wins" (Really people? Come on.), I am pleased with the outcome and would have been for either of the final ladies.

So...congratulations, Whitney!


  1. Chocked here to.
    Really thought Anya would win.(but the voice man, the voice!!!!!!!)
    But it is kinda cool that a plus size model won.
    Even if she isn't really a model type.
    More a pageant queen.

  2. Yes, Paul. I would say more pageant than model but she worked that pink dress something fierce!

  3. I agree- totally should have been Anya! I think that Tyra wanted a plus-size gal (oops- I mean "full-figured") to win so that she could do a segment about the modeling industry and the emphasis on 'skinny'. Mark my words!! She does think she's the next Oprah... ;)


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