May 22, 2008

All apologies...(the dance remix)

(Image from Barilla.)

Okay, Kids... you know I can't be all squeaky clean all of the time. But at least I'll spare you (to an extent) with a sunnier visual. What I will say is that I grew up watching "him" on the evening news in Portland, Oregon. He was very well liked in the community. Now that years have passed and careers have "ascended" it's fascinating to see things from behind the camera. And, honestly, I am addicted for the moment. (Help me!)

This is a perfect example of what we've always heard...
Lemons versus LEMONADE!
(Kids...this is a bit graphic in the language department. I'm just sayin'.)

You'll just have to find it in your heart to forgive me ;)


  1. I had not even heard of this - that's what I get for watching PBS documentaries instead of the view on he treadmill!!
    no apology necessary
    and I thank you for a post that reminds me that not everything in life is pretty - or even sane
    har har
    (and I am SO going back to the view - otherwise I know NOTHING!!)

  2. Thanks for your support and understanding "m" :) I like to watch Frontline...does that help? ;)

  3. I don't remember him on Portland tv - lucky lapse of memory I guess!

    Of course, not a shocker that he would behave this way.

  4. I have absolutely no idea who this person is, but that was absolutely hilarious.

    V. nice lemonade pic too :)


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