April 02, 2008

What in the Nina Garcia is going on?!

Okay, so I am fully comprehending the fact that this is not exactly timely reporting. Many of you are probably well aware. But I was shocked as all glitter this morning as I was perusing some long overdue videos in my itunes. I saw one for the season finale of Project Runway. Okay, why not? "Hey, this has Sweet P's and & Chris' shows! Hmm...Sweet P's collection is fairly decent. Ooh...Chris' stuff....wait!!! What the?! Was that Bianca from America's Next Top Model?! (rewind) It is! Danielle?! WHAT in the Michael Kors is going on?! Okay now...Jaslene?!! In Jillian's show?!" Well, it was a convergence of a fashion-filled storm-front that I simply wasn't prepared for. And somehow I missed the boat...? I don't know how in the Tim Gunn that happened? My apologies, gentle reader.

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  1. OK! I thought I saw Jaslene! I totally didnt catch the other two -nice work. Danielle looks fabulous!


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