April 02, 2008

So the theme of today would largely seem to rotate around timeliness...and my apparent lack of it! I think it was likely around a month and a half or so since I was tagged by both Jess at Treasuring and Shannon at Make It. But I did promise that I'd step up and here I am to do just that. They say "better late than never"...and I am SO using that ticket right now! With my apologies to Jess and Shannon, 14 "endlessly fascinating" things about moi....

Jess...this is for you.
  1. I grew up in a town where the high school mascot was a potato - the "Spudders". No joke. There is a reason I no longer live there...suffice it to say.
  2. In college, I held majors in Theology, Philosophy, Women's Studies, Graphic Design, and Printmaking. I finished my degree in Printmaking. Finally.
  3. One of my favorite childhood pets was a goat named Damien.
  4. I have an inordinate obsession with the state of Maine. I've never been there though...?
  5. I was almost to be named "William James" but my father decided he didn't want a son called B.J. I'd say my father made a wise (if not prophetic) choice. Thanks, Dad.
  6. I have a headset that attaches to my phone. Sometimes I remove said headset from the phone to conduct impromptu performances in my living room. The cats usually request an encore.
  7. I used to wear suits and ties everyday in college (until becoming an art major). Not because I had to but because I wanted to.

Shannon...your wait is now over.
  1. I've always said, "You can never be over-dressed. You can only look better than most of those around you."
  2. I'd love to have a "black tie" party with "white trash" food.
  3. I'd love to have mid-century furnishings inside of an old farmhouse. With maybe a splash of Baroque. What can I say? I like contrast.
  4. I've had 27 pets in my lifetime. And I still dream about owning a Jersey Cow.
  5. I've traveled to 17 countries. And the next places I would like to go are: Argentina, Vietnam, India, & Norway.
  6. I think best when I am walking or showering. I feel best when I'm creating or I've just finished vacuuming.
  7. My favorite quote is: If Joan of Arc could turn the tide of an entire war before her 18th birthday, you can get out of bed. ~E. Jean Carroll


  1. I think best when I am walking and showering too!!! hmmm.... I wonder if there are others out there like us? :) eheheheh lol

  2. Oh MAN, i wish you were my next door neighbor. you are so much fun! (ps- sorry again for the tagging-- i know it's kind-of annoying. but this was so awesome that i don't feel TOO bad.) :)

  3. awesome, uncle B. I really wish you hadn't given up the suit and tie thing in art school! Ha! I cringe when I think about what I used to wear. Overalls anyone?

  4. I'd love to be invited to your black-tie party with white-trash food. What a hilarious idea!

  5. As always, very interesting Uncle! In your last tag you said you didn't like acronyms, hmm...

  6. Thanks for the comments, Kids :)

    I stand corrected, d.sharp and have taken actions to rectify the situation ;) Thanks for keepin' it rawl!

  7. I used to have a pet goat too! Only his name was Billy...not quite as creative, I'm afraid. :) And I LOVE that you wore a suit every day in college - very dapper!

  8. Beefy, you're such a hoot! Thanks for getting down to the duties of one who has been tagged (I've been shirking mine), and thanks for your nice words on my blog lately.


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