April 16, 2008

I love the 80's...eh?

Um, actually no. I have no strong affinity toward the 80's for such a variety of reasons. Eating lunch in the art room to avoid cafeteria bullies, that delightful combination of upturned polo collars along with Todd's spiky mullet and tragically low IQ, the inconceivable "Jellies", accidentally shaving off the sides of my head the day before school (I still feel the burn of mortification on that one.), etc., etc. But, admittedly, my pop roots run long and deep and I do find myself indulging in a little old school candy from time to time.

Given that I spent the latter part of the 80's in Canada this reminded me of and wrapped up everything I loathed (and a bit of what I loved - note the past tense) about that decade. Given that CBS produced this for How I Met Your Mother in the new millennium, its historical accuracy is nothing short of astounding. They say history repeats itself...then god help us all.


  1. The dude in the striped pants at the end made me shoot coffee out my nose!!

  2. Thank you - despite having come of age in the 80s, I will never claim to love the decade. The fashion was atrocious and the hair, don't get me started on the hair. My greatest disappointment perhaps was that we couldn't have done better than turned up polo collars and parachute pants, really, parachute pants?

    In my humble opinion, the only thing that really saved the decade for me was John Cusack.

    Really. If anything I guess the decade gave us the ability to humor ourselves. ;-)


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