April 03, 2008

Fashion Forward

(America's Next Top Model spoiler alert! Last night's boot is shown
below so skip it if ya' don't wanna see.)

I love predictions on the future lives we're all to live. This is an oldie but SUCH a goody about what we'd be donning in the year 2000. Some sort of silly, some close to spot on. "Oh, swish!" (If you watch it you'll know what I mean by that.)

What the hell was going on here?! Melissa posted this on Ruby Press and I thought it was HI-larious! But all I can say is that Paulina better be very careful about her judging of the ladies on America's Next Top Model...'cause this would be some serious ammunition to fire back!

I guess someone didn't wanna be on top.

I was actually okay with it...I mean what
was she thinking with that face plant?!

Okay, Kids...so your Uncle got called out by d.sharp for using an acronym when I had stated in a previous post that I really hated them so let the record show...ANTM is back to being America's Next Top Model. Nicely played, d.sharp...nicely played ;)

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