April 04, 2008

Everything's coming up Rosenow!

One of the many jobs I've held over the years was working at a florist. Can you imagine a more romantic job? No? Well I can! Because it was a hard job! I know!? You don't necessarily think that when you walk into a floral studio but it ain't all roses, Kids. And because of that experience I have the utmost admiration for those that make their livelihood with flowers.

So when I came across the amazing Rosenow Floral Design site I couldn't help but to give out some props. One, it's yet another fabulous addition to San Francisco (as well as Miette Confiserie and Victoria (and apparently some bridge?)). Two, the owner's actual name is Erin Rosenow. ("Hello...destiny!") And three, Erin makes all that hard work look effortlessly beautiful. Her arrangements are sophisticated but playful and approachable. Her website is phenomenally put together with entire collections arranged by color groups. And, for heaven's sake, the woman uses fruit in some of her arrangements (and you know I'm all good with those who appreciate the fruit).

Yes, Erin is only in San Francisco but the woman has flowers and will travel. (Though if you live in the Bay Area she'll deliver!) You say you don't have the need to fly a Bay Area florist to where you are? Then book a flight and go there yourself. You know, now that you finally have a reason to go to San Francisco ;)

A selection of the containers Erin uses. Aren't they beautiful? No throwaways here!


  1. yes her stuff is BEAUTIFUL...i worked for a florist once too...and yes, it is a seriously hard job. hard.

  2. Gorgeous! I adore that little moss boquest with the mushrooms.. I'm thinking deep into the forest wedding!! I think I'll have to marry my husband again soon ;-))
    Love the vases and containers she is using!

  3. Those peonies are INSANELY gorgeous. I can't wait to check out her website...maybe I'll do it after a little visit to Miette (heh heh heh).

  4. wow how beautiful! is the last bouquet a peony or a rose? it's so hard to tell! if you happen to know the name of the rose/peony, i'd love to know! thank you :)

  5. Thanks for posting this fab find! I work a lot in SF and have tried out several florists but none to my liking...I adore that she lets you choose by color...fantastic!


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