April 25, 2008

The Elephant in the room.

Just some sweet favorites over at White Elephant Vintage.
(Ah...it's good to be back!)

Vintage Yellow Flower Canister Set - sunshiney happiness!

I have some strange obsession with scales lately...??? I don't know what that's all about but I love this one...perhaps for obvious reasons?

Love the graphic cover of this Canadian publication. Judging from the illustration I'd say those wartime Canadians were employing some rather controversial morale boosters.

It's a vintage globe...what's not to love? And since it's dated from the late 50's, I bet enough countries have switched up to get us Americans off the hook for our horrendous lack of geographical knowledge!

Now when you say, "there's a party in my pants"...you can mean it.

A tisket, a tasket I found a yellow basket!
Hey...remember...a little sleep deprived here ;)

Have a great weekend, Kids! See you Monday!


  1. What a gorgeous Etsy shop! Love the styling of the items! Great finds! :-) Good to have you back !! :-)

  2. great finds uncle beefy! i love vintage globes and am still on the hunt for 'the one'.

  3. oh i had no idea you sold these pieces, cool! i will come by the store soon and check it all out as i love that globe!

  4. Thanks for posting us! We're flattered! And yes, it is good to have you back!

  5. Wow! Nice finds! I loved the yellow basket. Too bad it's gone... :(


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