March 03, 2008

You better work!

Well, that's what I have to do. Starting a new job today so my posting schedule will be a bit topsy turvy with posts more likely to happen in the afternoon/evening as opposed to the morning. In the meantime....(See you later! Off to work!)


  1. Good luck on the new job - I must admit, I'm curious.
    What kind of work are you doing? Make up something fabulous for me so I can be green with envy.

    And I've been wanting to ask you what kind of work you do in your studio and how is that studio coming along?

  2. Oh, I almost forgot. We have TONS of Junebugs around here come May-June (seriously). So, if you are looking for a fabulous and exciting vacation, come on down to Texas and we'll liquor up some Junebugs. Okay, I promise I'll let that one go now.

  3. I just knew from the first glittered eyebrow that it would all be down to galliano! I just love him to bits. My Idol : )

    Hope your first day was a success!

  4. Good luck with the new job! I must say I'm impressed by the pace you've kept the past week! So many wonderful posts!

  5. So exciting with a new job...tell us all about it.Love the show, must say galliano is great.

  6. Hi, Kids :)
    Thanks for all the well wishes! Oh how I wish I could tell you it was something exciting and fantastic! It's working at a local Inn/Bistro helping set up the business and such. But living on an island there's only so much to choose from and I'd rather not have to commute into the city! But it was an 11-hour a bit pooped. Oy!

    Cheryl...never been to Texas? Wonder if y'all could handle me? ;)

    Hunted down Galliano to perk me up at 5am! Glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what's up for this season...????

    Thanks again, Everyone :)

  7. Hope you had a great first day and best wishes on the new job! Loving all that you are posting - fabulous job.

  8. Good luck with your new job! Hoe big is the island actually? I´m quite curious about the life there... ; )


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