March 26, 2008

Paiko the Glasstastic!

You know, sometimes words are better left unsaid...even if those words are complimentary. The fact is my praise is most unlikely to do Portlander Andy Paiko's glass artistry any true sense of justice. So with that I will shut my mouth...after I pick up my jaw off the floor, that is.

(All images from Andy Paiko's website


  1. Oh, my gosh.
    I'm just...

    I'm just floored. Gorgeous.

  2. Very intriguing! These remind me of those curiosity cabinets from the 16th & 17th centuries.

  3. Sooo cool! Great find uncle B!I can totally see him featured on Martha or something like that, if he already hasn't been.

  4. That is so amazing.
    He is a glass genius!

  5. Uncle B...I formally acknowledge that you and your blog "Make My Day"
    Check out your nomination :)Ju

  6. These are awe-inspiring! Wonderful!

  7. Oh gosh amazing!! I adoooore!!!!


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