March 29, 2008

Lights out tonight!
From 8pm until 9 pm wherever you live.

Earth Hour 2008

They already have in Australia....
the restaurant "The Swiss Cottage" where
fellow blogger Siany works.
Great job!

Images from Siany's Pieces of Me


  1. Cool! I didn't even know about this. I guess I live in a cave, but I'm going to go shot off my lights right now.

  2. It's amazing, Ali, how many people didn't know. But I hadn't heard anything up until a week ago...? Didn't seem like the word was out soon enough. I tried to flyer my neighborhood with some success...others chose to do otherwise? It was good fun though and hopefully next year things will be even bigger and better :) Thanks for doing your part :)

  3. oh wow... i love your blog. ;]


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