February 04, 2008

Whiter Shade of Pale

After my declaration last week of my love for white
pottery/accessories, here are some more fun finds:

Biscuit Centerpiece: Cake of Peace from Moss
Great for the person who has almost everything
(including, but not limited to, a trust fund).
Though personally I would have gone with the
title..."Peace Of Cake."

Hector Console Table & Antler Wreath from And Beige

This is some serious visual serenity. From Nancy Bauch
at White Forest Pottery, this set of seven pinched porcelain
nested bowls is inspired by the opening of a white rose.

For a little West-ern style Feng Shui...
Koi Table Lamp from West Elm

Finally! A place to put my garden gnome collection! ;)
Resin Tree Stump Side Table from West Elm

Well color me Victor/Victoriana! I love the vintage
aesthetic with these three pieces with the Globe
vase being my absolute favorite. From the
Victoriana collection by Rosanna.

Stacks and stacks of clean serenity. But I'd be willing
to sacrifice that visual serenity if there was a nice
ole chocolate cake on one of those pedestals!
All three stoneware pedestals are from the aptly
named White collection from Rosanna.

Coffee or Tea?
(If by coffee or tea you mean vodka? Then, yes.)
Lovely Asian-inspired double coffee/tea pot with tray
from, once again, Rosanna.


  1. Oh, my heart likes that antler wreath.

  2. Love those nesting bowls. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you have a fantastic trip to Portland:)

  3. Inadvisably, I followed your link to White Forest Pottery. This set of plates is so beautiful that it makes my eyes hurt: http://whiteforestpottery.com/collection/waveplates.htm

  4. hey thanks for visiting my blog! i'm glad to discover yours! definitely think your a blogroll candidate. . .

    love the white porcelain feature,
    have you been to sara paloma's etsy shop before? she's got great white vases with bird wings all over them.

  5. Thanks for writing about white forest pottery.
    I had never heard of them and fell in love.
    Want to get some of it for upcoming shots.

  6. Thanks Everyone for your great comments :) !

    White Forest Pottery is a definite standout, huh? Her aesthetic is SO up my alley. That said, Annie, Sara Paloma's stuff is really fantastic!!! So thanks for that temptation...I think?

    Happy Monday to you all :)

  7. these are gorgeous. what great finds!
    i'm tagging you (sorry if you're super sick of this game....)- didn't want to break the chain, for whatever reason. :) 7 random things about you, if you so desire!!

  8. Hey, Jess....well you got me! I got tagged just a short time ago. So I'll work on coming up with a few more things. I'll play along :)

  9. I want one so when you come over I can have tea & coffee with you!! OOOXXX


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