February 09, 2008

Succ it!

(Image from Succulent L.A.)

I love succulents. I think it's their graphic and sculptural qualities. That and they're a cinch to grow or keep alive...whichever color of thumb you might have.

I also love and aspire to living life a bit greener. I know it can seem overwhelming at times, but when you just try and do one small step at a time it is amazing the results. (I barely have need for a trash can anymore because of getting used to recycling!)

So, some time ago I saw actress Samantha Mathis on Martha Stewart and she was talking about how she and her partner, interior designer Ryann Davis, had started Succulent in Los Angeles doing, what else, succulent arrangements. I loved the ingenious concept...such a twist on the traditional flower shop idea. Plus, they were coming at it with every effort to be as green as possible (non-toxic glazing on the pots, which are made locally, pesticide-free plants, recycled or repurposed packaging materials, etc.). But they only delivered to the Los Angeles area...aw :( ...until now! They now have a "sendable succulents" selection!

So now you can get your succulent green love on the Valentine's Day. How modern you are! Care to have a drink? ;)

Email excerpt from Succulent...

"It’s that time of year to send the ones you love the gift of flora…. This Valentine’s Day, choose a ‘green’ alternative to customary roses with a Succulent arrangement!

A little ‘green’ trivia: The average bouquet sold during Valentine’s Day requires the equivalent of one-half liter of oil to get from the growing fields to your loved ones! In addition, the common cut flower has been sprayed with as many as 127 different pesticides, only to have an average lifespan of 7 days.

At Succulent, we use locally grown, pesticide-free succulents, planted in organic soil in nontoxic containers- a thoughtful and perfect gift for your Valentine! Forgo the cut roses this year, and send something that truly shows your care while doing something better for the earth, for everyone!

We are pleased to announce just in time for Valentine’s Day our first phase of nationwide shipping with our
Sendable Succulent portfolio! Please see our website for offerings and ordering info."

(image from the delightful blog Oh Joy!)


  1. great post!
    love the title - I like a little spunk when I'm breezing through 400 posts ;-)

  2. Hey Cheryl...
    glad you like the title :)
    Oh, I hear ya'...trying so hard to get caught up on all my blog browsing.


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