February 06, 2008

Something old....something Blue.

Something Blue Bell Bazaar, that is. Many of you have seen Gosia's great Etsy store listed on other fab blogs...and there's good reason for that, gentle reader. 'Cause Gosia is kickin' it with some serious vintage style! And today she gave me the 411 tip on new finds just listed on Etsy. I also listed some images of my faves as well. Which are which? Well, get thee to Blue Bell, m'dear, and you'll find out. (No pushing, please. ...HEY! No running down the aisles either! Oy, what's an Uncle to do?) Excuse me...clean up on....

1 comment:

  1. I've got a crush on Blue Bell Bazaar too. Homegirl's got a good eye.


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