February 01, 2008

Salt of the Earth

The Saltistry Sampler

Lemon Thyme Salt * Coconut Black Salt * Lavender Grey Salt

If there is one thing I tend to be most guilty of as a cook it's my love of salt. More accurately, my penchant for over-usage.Which placed me in something of a philosophical conundrum when I came across Saltistry. These were the words I was first presented with..."Sourcing the finest sea salts from around the world, salt artist and chef Joni Fay Hill infuses salts with blends of fruits, herbs and spices, creating a complex marriage of flavors and aromas." It sounded so exotic and tempting, unusual and alluring...like a little mouth vacation.

But what to do? Would I bastardize such condiment wizardry? Would I neglect the artistry and reduce Joni's concoctions to mere Morton's? I mean, there was some pressure as I read on that..."as a former chef, Joni approaches artisanal salt from a cook’s perspective, meticulously handcrafting her salt infusions in small batches to create a depth of flavor while preserving the texture and integrity of each grain." With blends such as Lavendar Grey Salt, Coconut Black Salt, & Apricot Salt I had many roads to walk down in my explorations. But how would I fare in my Saltistry expeditions? Well, I am nothing if not adventurous in the food department so I guess only [Lemon] Thyme [Salt] will tell.

Apricot Salt * Mushroom Herb Salt * Six Pepper Salt

Bequet Gourmet Caramels with Lavender Grey Salt

(All photos from Saltistry)


  1. mmm...I'm going to go buy the sampler right now!

  2. this looks lovely and wonderful and delicious - funny because just the other day I read that Martha keeps a slew of salts on hand at the stove, each for a different purpose

  3. C&C...I hope they're as fantastic as they look! Plus, $35 for 7 salt samples? How can you go wrong?

    Well, Cheryl...you know that people compare Martha to me often and I am almost certain that she copied my vast array of salts found stove-side in my Maine estate. Oh wait...I think that might be the other way around. Yes, it is...my bad. Hey, at least I can still get the salt! :)

  4. I have a sampler and it is my most favorite food purchase ever! It is the talk of the dinner party and it makes my food taste 10 times better. Enjoy!

  5. Well...there you have it! It clearly tastes as great as it looks/sounds. Thanks for the feedback "anonymous". :)

  6. For all you Salty Fans in Los Angeles- Saltistry is having a Salt Party on March 31 at that super cool new place on 3rd street; Food Court LA.check out their blog for details

    This is the coolest food party I've ever been to!!!


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