February 05, 2008

Roses are red, Violet is cool.

Selections from Violet.com. An amazing online gift store with an amazing website. An absolute must for the gifting-challenged with browsing arranged by "occasion", "recipient", & "category". They've truly done the work for you...so...no more excuses. No...I'm afraid not even for me ;(

Invisible Ink...perfect for penning that Valentine love letter.
Very romantic...oui?

"With a florid hand, pen your most intimate thoughts in clear ink. Seal your note and send by carriage or pigeon to your beloved. They'll know to warm the paper by flame; your words will appear -- ever so briefly -- for their eyes only."

"Leave No Trace" Shopping Bags

"The best reaction to the checkout question "Paper or Plastic?" is to pluck a small pouch from your handbag and unfurl your five stylish "Leave No Trace" bags. The bags are waterproof and each holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags. This is a nice way to have consciousness on display."

Maybe this would get me to finally remember to bring my own every time! Clearly, I am not the only one either...they're out of stock at the moment but this one is worth bookmarking and watching out for.


  1. I think those bags look really good!!

    When you have time, please check my blog, there is a little surprise for you. : )

  2. Great bags - of all the eco BYO bags, I think these are the most design savvy I have seen.

    BTW, I think I caught your "man cold" way down here in TX. Suffering from 103 and in DESPERATE need of a bell.

    Cheers, Cheryl


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