February 07, 2008

Red In The Face

Off on a day trip down south to Portland with Bob & Kristine. Only have a moment before I have to catch the ferry into the city but wanted to leave you with a little something, gentle reader. Some great Etsy finds in the color of the season...enjoy!

Red Shoes print by Askey Illustration

Spoon Apron from Skinny LaMinx

Bird Girl Stickers from Oh My Cavalier!

Tie Top Tote
from Lobster & Swan

Calamity Jane Pin Cushion
(Decorative rosette can be detached and worn as a corsage.)
from Lobster & Swan


  1. I LOVE the LOVE truck, red shoes print, apron and bird sticker!

  2. What a lovely selection, thanks for the mention : )

    and great job over at sweet Paul's.

  3. Great stuff for certain...I heart Etsy. L&S...of course! Look how uber-cute your stuff is! How couldn't I include you?! (Thanks, by the way.)


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