February 01, 2008

Queen of Hearts

Glitter Cupid's Arrow Candy Box & Glitter Heart Candy Box

Well, well, well...Denise from d. Sharp (in gorgeous Portland, Oregon) just posted these little Valentine's Day wonders in her Etsy shop! She's even generously doing a giveaway on her blog of the Glitter Heart Candy Box embellished with a vintage skeleton key (sign up by Monday 9am PST). But, while taking a gambling risk has its excitement, I'm always up for the sure thing like a final purchase. That said, there are only two of each Valentine offering. So chop, chop, Kids!

I have no concept, whatsoever, how Denise manages to pull together these handmade pieces?! But they are truly wonders to behold. She also crafts incredible pieces for weddings, parties, kids, birthdays, anniversaries, Mondays, Taking Your Car To The Mechanics Day...because any day would be the perfect reason to indulge yourself in her artistic revelry.

But, honestly, what could be more impressive than giving a glittering heart & key to show, well, who holds the key to your heart. Who holds the key to mine? Well, um...at this very moment I'd probably have to say...Denise does ;)

PS - Plus, any gift that finds itself inherently attached to love, chocolate, and/or cake is great in my book. Am I right? Uh, yeah I am.


  1. Amazing work! I´m especially struck by those candy containers in form of famous buildings, what a fantastic idea! Thanks for introducing Denise´s art. : )

  2. Um, yes. You couldn't be MORE right.

  3. Isn't it amazing stuff?! And when you see her pieces in person you simply cannot believe they're handmade!? Her craftsmanship is extraordinary!

  4. It is funny with this Valentin-day (about than little surely commercial…) I like particulars the picture with “ the key to your heart”


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