February 11, 2008

Oh, Deer...Stag! You're it!

Birds have certainly been a long-standing, if not faded, trend. (Though, truthfully, I still can't help myself with the little winged ones.) And perhaps the deer trend that has emerged will test the limits, but for the moment I find myself somewhat swept up in all things woodland. For me though, it's less log cabin rustic and more English Squire meets fairy tale. But however you may choose to get down with your own Stag party...here are a few options to guide you down the trail.

Black Deer Brooch by Melissa Beal

Untitled & Untitled (Black Full Sneak) by artist Marc Swanson.
Marc Swanson represented by Bellwether Gallery.

Large Antler Necklace & Small Antler Earrings
by the venerable Adam Smith.
Above pieces part of the Pennsylvania Collection.

Buck Face - Deer Icon Mirror from stagnation at Etsy

Oh Deer, note card set by "Etsian" e.soule

Deer Print by Ryan Berkley at Berkley Illustration
(If this item link shows as "sold out" check the shop's
main page to see if it has been "relisted".)

The Paper Deer Head Project 2 by rubyslounge at Etsy
(If "sold", contact artist for future listings.)

Bronze Antler Candlesticks by Roost at Velocity Art & Design

Glazed Ceramic 4-Antler Chandelier at Velocity Art & Design

Deer Coat Hook at Le Souk

Cashmere Buck by Rachel Denny at The Beholder

Stag by Ibride at Velocity Art & Design

Ghost Antler Coat Rack In White at Velocity Art & Design

Stag Mount from Room Service Home

I was introduced to these "man-tacular" stag offerings from RockPaperScissors by Joy over
at "Oh Joy!" and then it was suddenly antlers, antlers everywhere.

"Oh Deer" print from Keep Calm Gallery

(All images procured from individual sites listed.)


  1. Love those brooches from Melissa!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Mirka & Heather :)

  3. Great racks UB, I mean one of the best collections of racks I've seen in a while. Love it!
    I'm with you, while winged creatures are certainly a classic, it is nice to see a new animal stepping up.
    Stash Studios

  4. great collection, but there is nothing like blogging to slowly (and sometimes unawares) wash you away and up into the current of a trend. Have to add I love this one too!


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