February 04, 2008

My oh, [Takashi]maya!

Some nice finds from Takashiyama in New York. I love to browse their website and get my Japanese fix from time to time. While not everything for every budget they offer some wonderful finds for purchase if not just a little afternoon Asian inpsiration.

Silver Leaf Sake Set would be, obviously, great for cold sake
but also perfect as a nice water decanter for overnight guests.

Created by award-winning Japanese designer Hideo Wakamatsu
these cases (
Attache Case & Trolley) are certainly for the
extremely confident traveler. Or the extroverted one at any rate.

Made of Montecatini leather, a travel envelope with
compartments for documents, tickets, money and
credit cards &
"Citizen of the World" passport cover.

Love this Glassware from Italian architect/interior designer
Aldo Cibic. The decanter would be beautiful used for wine,
water, or flowers for that matter.

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  1. You would feel like you've died and gone to heaven! You would love,luv,lob the store.!!!


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