February 14, 2008

My heart is all Topsy Turvy!

Mini Victorian Mourning Tricorn

(Photo: 666 Photography / Model: Kayleigh / Corset: Creations l'Escarpolette

If you tuned in the other day you saw me post my reverence toward J. Smith Esquire and the art of millinery. So strange then that later the same day I would stumble into more hat-tastic heart strings through the artistry of one distinguished Kim Brown-Dye, creating under the moniker of Topsy Turvy Design.

Hailing from a Historical 1916 brick tenement building in the heart of Oakland Chinatown, California, Kim is a "sometimes costumier & full time costume crafts artisan/milliner". That, and a magician because her work is truly magical! Kim has a wonderful website (the photography!) and Etsy shop where you can peruse through her wares. The Etsy shop is closed until the 21st of February but she will continue to take orders during that time. Yes, orders...because each hat is custom made to fit you. It may take a bit of time, gentle reader, but, like they always say...good things come to those who wait. Or, in this case....great things!

Victorian-Civil War-Goth-Riding Top Hat

(Photo: "Snow Queen" Self Portrait by Maria Mann)

Victorian Day Hat with Berries

(Photo: Lilya Corneli / Model - Maria Mann)


  1. Oh, geez, these hats are gorgeous! They totally take me back to my gothy teenage years when I used to dress up and make my mother take pictures of me lying in the woods behind our house...hee hee! :)

  2. I adore these hats! + the photos! So sophisticated! Happy Valentine´s Day to you from Finland! warm wishes from Mirka. : )

  3. Tag you're it! I've tagged you in the blogging game, here's how it works:

    ~ blog seven things about yourself
    ~ link the person that tagged you in the blog entry
    ~ "tag" several other fave bloggers at the end of your post!

  4. Hey Carrie & Mirka...glad you liked the post. Kim is quite talented but clearly part of a very talented bunch what with the models and photographers too! And the hats are at SUCH a great price. Got to save my pennies!

    (Carrie...your mother took "gothy" pictures of you lying in the woods? I'd love to see those! My Mom probably wouldn't have been surprised if I had asked, but likely would have become concerned if I actually handed her the camera! Kudos to your Mom! Shout out to Carrie's Mom!)

    Rifferaff...okey, dokey...that's my third tag now. I don't know if I am that endlessly fascinating but I'll do my best. ;)


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