February 12, 2008

Mad Hatter

Well, it would seem to be all about hats, hats, and more hats today. Millinery is an art form I admire greatly. It's amazing what one might think to place on top of another's head. And, while I am not a hat wearer by nature I marvel at their sculptural qualities.

I have no idea how I ever stumbled upon J. Smith Esquire but my attention was immediately grabbed. The attached video is of Justin Smith's M.A. Graduation Collection and it is a grand spectacle to behold. Something of a macabre, Parisian, Victorian, carnival-esque cacophony. And, while Justin's perceived appreciation for the darker side of things seems a bit more inclined than my own, the more eccentric part of myself cannot help but appreciate the brilliance of his "Mad [Hatter] Skills".

(All images from J. Smith Esquire.)


  1. Great post - very edgy
    Glad you enjoyed the "trendbreaker" design post - don't get me started on light switches ;-) I have lived here three years and I still have to hit every switch because the placement is so counterintuitive. I happen to agree with you, I don't believe the poor location involved a gender bias, I have to go with the stupidity factor.
    Oh well, keeps life interesting.
    Stash Studios

  2. This was so cool.
    His website is amazing, love his work.
    Thanks for posting this.
    And happy valentines.

  3. G-g-g-GORGEOUS. Everything about this designer and his creations sings cool elegance. So wonderful to see such vivid imagination come to life.

  4. Glad you all liked the post. Wasn't entirely sure how the pasties would go over? But the genius was much too much not to highlight the man's work. The fan hat and the big feather hat...are you kidding me?! Dying with delight :) I heart J.Smith!


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