February 19, 2008

I like it Rare

I love San Francisco and don't get down as nearly as often as I'd like. But I do know that the next time I get down there I wanna head on over to Rare Device. The now bi-coastal (Brooklyn & San Francisco) and worldwide (web) dominion of Rena Tom and her San Francisco partner (the amazing artist) Lisa Congdon. Rena was at the forefront of retailers creating a viable presence for independent design and designers with the launch of Rare Device Brooklyn in 2005. Fortunately, this is a trend that is continually emerging and I was thrilled when she teamed up with Lisa to open a west coast location in San Francisco. But you don't have to live in either location to get your hands on their "rare" goods as we have lots to choose from via the website....and here are my current favorites....

Wildcrafted Sachet by Juniper Ridge
See, I'm tellin' you...somethin' in me needs to get my woodsy groove on!

Design T-Shirt (1 of 3) by Artefacture
Oh, if only! Preach it! Preach it loud and proud!

Jungle Peas White Wall Art (removable adhesive vinyl
wall art) by Domestic
I like the whole wallpaper thang but, like many Americans, find it
hard to commit. This is the answer, my non-committal friends.

Fleur Vase Set by LightenUp!
This appeals to the artist and drawer in me with the
black and white scheme and all the line variation.

Birds of a Feather Melamine Plates by Oksana Badrak
Bright, happy, and yes....birdy. I can't help myself!

Fabric Bear Head by Something's Hiding In Here
Let Smokey and Yogi do their thing and honor them
with something a bit more artistic. Okay?

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