February 14, 2008


Browsing through the archives checking up on older links, videos, etc. today. Came across this...a video of the wedding day of "Chap & Maura". Such beauty that I felt it truly necessary to share it again on a day like today. By Josh Goleman...friend of the bride & groom...and cinematographer extraordinaire.

A Happy Valentine indeed.


  1. Oh, you're KILLING me today, Uncle B. Part of this video is shot in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is where the hubs and I got engaged 4 years ago. We returned to to Philly for our honeymoon, so the city is pretty firmly linked to my heart. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Then you would find this a little extra heart-melting, Carrie. It makes me smile every time!

  3. Love your blog! We call our pup 'Beefy' and it is always bedlam here. Happy VD!

  4. Aw Miss B., well I'm all good to be in the company of a puppy! So glad that you enjoy the blog;)

    Happy Hearts Day to you!

  5. Happy valentines day!
    Hope you got lots of love and cookies

  6. This is art. I want a friend who is a cinematographer!

  7. What a Cool wedding gift this would be.....to stare back and watch those memories so beautifully.

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

  8. That is unbelievably gorgeous!! I sort of felt all weepy!!!

  9. Thanks for all the comments on this post, Everyone! I don't know Josh but I love his work. The first time I saw this I absolutely melted...and still do. I think this is all what we "really" imagine a wedding day should feel like. Glad to know you all enjoyed it and I'm sure Josh would be happy too.

    Thanks again!


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