February 25, 2008

Four-Leaf Plover

Perhaps not a completely accurate title as the "Plover" is actually a short-billed shorebird but also the namesake of one Plover Organic of Portland, Oregon. But at least they're both green! Plover Organic is a chic new line of 100% organic cotton bedding owned and operated by sister-in-laws Marisa Mercer and Sheila Mulvihill brought to my attention thanks to Christine. (But also seen recently on sfgirlbybay and bloesem.) The line offers quilts (reversible!), duvets (recycled plastic button closures), pillowcases, shams, and fabric by the yard so you have plenty of organic style to choose from.

Marisa and Sheila have also done a bang up job on their website. Clean and simple while also giving plenty of eco-minded information regarding their production process, the products and their care, they give us the succinct lowdown on sustainable style without overwhelming. Which I consider more than helpful in letting us know that it can be, in fact, "easy being green."

Marisa and Sheila are yet another example of the evolving eco-style. No longer strictly relegated to ideas of hemp and huaraches, being ecologically minded in the new millennium is proving to be more "hip" than "hippie". And for that, I think we're all lucky. (Mmm, hmm...four-leaf Plover indeed!)

(All photos courtesy of the Plover website and taken by Annie Beedy.)

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