February 18, 2008

Feelin' Squirrely

If I were to dedicate a post...this would have to be one of them. My friend Kristen (not Kristine...though we're all summarily in cahoots with one another) is (don't hate me for this) "nuts" about squirrels. While not feeling the overall popularity as we've witnessed among the bird or the deer trend, the squirrel is maintaining its own and could become the surprise front runner before you know it. Seriously, go onto Etsy and search "squirrel" and you'll be amazed at how much comes back! That smokey smell ain't nuts roasting, Kids, that's the burning smell of squirrel stardom! Bring it.

(A note about Etsy retailers: If any item linked is shown as "sold out" always refer to the shop's main page to see if that item has been relisted. Also, many Etsy shops will fulfill requests for items that are no longer listed but once offered...so it never hurts to ask.)


  1. OMG!!!!!! I must have that cake topper! Kristine gave me the squirrel tray for my birthday and I love it so very much. Now I feel like I need to add that adorable squirrel wearing a suit to my collection...Thanks for the (as always) awesome post! :)


  2. squirrels always make me happy - love them.

  3. I so much like squirrels. And I like those items with squirrels on them. The tray is perhaps my favourite, it is soooooo adorable.


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