February 28, 2008

Burnin' rubber!

Reduce, reuse, remarkable!
Smokin' hot designs from recycled rubber...

The Retread line available at the uber-cool online gift retailer, Violet.com. Made from recycled inner tubes, each product is entirely unique. With four product offerings of Small & Large sketchbook covers (reusable, of course) and your choice of purse or tote this deal is in the bag.

And, remade into re:modern!

Recycled car tires are put to good use with this, dare I say "stylish", Recycled Tire Wastebasket from re:modern. Or, take it to the streets, (they are tires, afterall), with re:modern's recycled tire doormats.


  1. loving all these green goods, thanks for all the great links and tips!

  2. Well thanks for the "thanks", L&S! Always appreciate your stopping by :)


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