February 29, 2008

Annie Get Your (glue) Gun!

(Okay, so not really a "glue gun" project but still...how could I not?) From the eco-craftilicious mind of Annie over at one of my favorite blogs Royal Buffet. Utilizing an old men's sweater Annie crafted this stylish little tissue cozy and I think it's "sew" cute. (Look, it's been a busy week...cut me some slack.) She talked about doing some embroidery on it but I like it just as is. Her husband thinks it's creepy. I think I need one. So does that make me creepy? (Do not answer that!)

Annie you're craft-tastic!


  1. thanks uncle beefy! funny. . .how many times have i heard that gun thing. . .

  2. I know, Annie...I figured as much. Not too original that early in the AM :( Thanks for putting up with it :)
    And thanks for the awesome job!

  3. i think this is GORGEOUS! I am going to have a look at what other things annie has going, i'm intrigued!

  4. its ok uncle beefy, it comes with the name territory and i like my name so i don't mind.


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