January 31, 2008

You're still in the running to watch America's Next Top Model

Speaking of America's Next Top Model......
(SPOILER ALERT: a few photos of some of the current cast
at the bottom so if you don't wanna see...walk away.)

Wednesday, February 20th marks the season premiere of America's Next Top Model - Cycle 10! This time 'round Twiggy (the real "1st" supermodel...sorry Janice) has departed and is being replaced by Paulina Porizkova on the judges panel. Hopefully, this season will have a bit more spark than the last which left me feeling a bit ho-hum. But you know I'll still watch it...oh yeah, you know I will!

Cycle 9 winner, Saleisha. Looking more high fashion, less commercial.

Photos from the CW website.


  1. Love, Love, Love Americas next top model.
    Cant wait for the new season.
    And Thank god that they got rid of that Twiggy.
    She hasn't been cool since the 60's.

  2. This blog is getting cooler by the day Uncle Beefy......even down here at the upside end of the world..we suffer from the addiction to Tyra and her panel. I don't think that I have missed a season since it started! But of course, you guys are well ahead, so I will check your blog with one eye shut so I don't find out the winner before it even begins here ;)

  3. Paul! Why no love for Twiggy? I liked her :( But happy to welcome Paulina too.

    Julia, it is always good to exercise caution once top model is on. But I will try to be judicious in my posting and will always give fair warning. :)


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