January 16, 2008

You See Berkley

Well, what can I really say? It's true!

So Grace at design*sponge posted about Ryan Berkley's illustrations after getting the 411 tip from her intern, Anne. One look, and I thought, "C'mon, Beefy...you gotta!" (They're $7 for pete's sake!) So I promptly went to Ryan's Etsy shop and sucked up the three little fellows below.

A short time later I received my little manila envelope in the mail. I opened it up anxiously and I was not disappointed, gentle reader. Each print was neatly contained in cello wrap and the whole shebang was topped off with Ryan's humorous "thank you" note (see above). Then I had to open these puppies to see the prints up close and personal. As I flipped over the first illustration, what to my eyes appeared but another note contained in the packaging...? Each print had one! And each described the "personage" of these regal gentlemen. For example, to accompany the owl..."Obviously this owl is wise, but he is also very good at Sudoku. Logic + wisdom in one! He's quite a catch, ladies."

Uh, yes he is...yes he is.


  1. Now you've made me jealous twice - you've been to Japan AND you've got these great cards. Lucky Beefy!

  2. oooh I ordered the tiger print too.
    This store has been going crazy, not surprising their work and prices combined are too good!

  3. Well, Heather you're printing up fab fabrics AND in South Africa...so there's my jealousy!

    L&S...the prints are nice quality and such a delight to receive with the thoughtful packaging. I KNOW! Ryan went from, I think, a couple hundred sales to over 1,000 in a couple days!!! And really...is it any wonder?


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