January 25, 2008

What the cup.....cake!

Remember how yesterday I made the suggestion to make a batch of Cherry-Vanilla cupcakes for your Valentine (or any myriad of flavors found here)? Well, gentle reader, if you really want to impress I think this would certainly be the way to go! From Fancy Flours, these over-the-top cupcake wrappers come in a wide variety of different patterns with these selections shown likely to be the best Valentine picks. Want other culinary Valentine's inspiration? They have a whole section of various love- related things so you can, y'know, cook to your hearts delight! (Groan.) (Um, I heard that!)


  1. These are incredible, I am speechless.

  2. I didn´t even know that such cup cake wrappers exist!!! Wow!

  3. oooh i love those...i am just starting to get into baking so i just might get myself some of those as i experiment with cupcakes...oh i do hope i make some good cupcakes!


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