January 26, 2008

Valentine Flare

Just a quick Saturday post with a few additional Valentine's finds. Fred Flare is such a great website filled with fun bits of schtick, tchokies, and nifty gifts. There's a full Valentine's section but these were a few of my favorite things. And THIS WEEKEND ONLY....FREE shipping!

I think Cupid might be in a baking phase?

For the technophobe who has everything....
(But if you're a technophobe would you even have a cell phone?)

Mini Love Pennant Banners

(Okay...wait a second. Did I go to sleep last night an uncle and wake up this morning as a high school-aged girl? This list is making me question things a bit. Uh oh.)


  1. I love the lip bandaids, they always make me feel a bit nostalgic for when my bother kissed by booboos better

  2. um- YR FAB!!! Why did I not find you before this day! Yahoo


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