January 18, 2008

Studio update!

Well, what do you think? I know, it's not completely finished but I should be able to start working in here soon. I'm just waiting for the soaking tub to get installed. Kidding! (It's actually Molly Sims' NYC apartment from the Fall/Winter 2007 InStyle...but some of you already knew that I suspect.)

I received a few emails yesterday wondering about a studio update. As Friday is the day I reserved for that I thought I'd have to let you know that there isn't much to show at the moment. Sad. I've been so cooped-up with my bum knee that I've been able to do only a small amount in the studio this week. I'm hoping that I'll be able to hobble around in there over the weekend and have some updates by Monday. But we'll have to see...? Thanks for keepin' the faith!

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  1. You had me there for a second, that is a beautiful space, i'm sure yours will be just as divine. btw, i've just tagged you, hope you dont hate me for it! details are in my 'celebrate: 7 facts' post. px


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