January 17, 2008

See...what did I tell you.

I am telling you, gentle reader...it is about all things Asian for me today. It's everywhere...and I love it! Dana at Blush & Flax Hues and I share a mutual admiration for all things Asian. She nearly gave me a heart attack when she had these photos posted today. They're shots of John Galliano's designs used in the 2008 Pirelli Calendar and photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. Shot in Shanghai, it is an incomparable mix of Asian aesthetics with French fashion...if they had had fried chicken & homemade biscuits on set, Beefy would have been happy. Very, very, very....happy.

Go to Dana's blog to see even more amazing shots. (And while you're there you should check out the ah-mazing photos of her home!)


  1. these photographs are stunning. i guess pale is the new tan.

  2. Oh Joanna I hope so! I could really do without all the bronzed pressure! ;)


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