January 09, 2008

See Jane. See 2Jane shop!

PowerPoint, SchmowerPoint, Excel, Schmexel....expense reports don't write themselves, especially with nothing on them. Maybe you'd like to help out the man by dropping some dollars at 2jane.com? Imported accessories and giftwares from artists and designers abroad these are some of Beefy's favorites. No bank to roll after the holidays? Then just peruse through the site for some midday distraction and let Francine know that you're much too busy for the office gossip today.

"Impervious to water and moisture, these heavy duty stickers will add life to the wettest walls of the house. No glue required for application and no sticky residue if they're removed!"

Adhesive Window Film
"...convince everyone you've spent a fortune on antique etched glass or lacey textiles. This frosted window covering will ensure that you never have to close blinds or roll down a shade again. Simply add water and adhere to a window. The film gives total privacy while letting full light shine through! Easy to remove and no residue."

FUZZ Votives from 2jane.com
Mmmm...cool and cozy.


  1. Hi Uncle! I found your blog via your comment in my blog, thanks. ; ) Really great finds you have here, and those Mr & Mrs Jones are absolutely fab!!!

  2. i can't buy anything right now...sigh...otherwise those FUZZ votives would be mine.


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