January 31, 2008

Pop Tart

I am well aware that my musical credibility may immediately fall if not completely crumble to bits after this confession. But I believe that another physical condition may well be taking over my body. It's a condition whereby one believes that the inside of their body must be filled with bubble gum candy deliciousness...'cause I love pop music! I am, in point of fact, a "pop tart." There, I said it. And with that propensity in mind, Kendall sent me the latest Kylie Minogue video for Wow. I'm not entirely certain I love the video itself but YouTube is likely to crash if I listen to it one more time. This is sugary sweetness that just makes me say "Wow!"

(Oh, stop the judgement! You know if they busted this out during an episode of America's Next Top Model you'd be all over it! You'd be giving the walk of your life down your hallway (disregarding the fact that there's a vacuum in your hand) and, at the end, you would knowingly "smile with your eyes." Uh huh. Fierce!)'

(Well, it looks as if the video was an early leak...all over the place...and they keep pulling it from YouTube...? So if it's playing, it's playing, if it ain't, it ain't. I'm just tryin' to share my candy!)


  1. So You love Kylie huh, Will you trust her design skills too she has a new bed linen range out with Ashley Wilde!



  2. Yes, I know, I know....I can't help myself! Will I trust her design skills? Hmmm...that remains to be seen? But I loved in the article how she had a direct hand in the design...after walking the "design team" around her home!!! Don't get me started on that!


  3. you're funny! i am a complete "pop tart" too. i love pop music too!

  4. the video is ok....but she's just awesome....she did such a transformation and looks TONS better now. Good for her for going after her singing career again!

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

  5. Thanks for your support, s. :)

    Agreed Jennifer...the video isn't that hot. But I cannot get the song out of my head! Yes, and good for her for getting back in the game after her cancer battle...very inspring.

    Thanks for your comments :)


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