January 23, 2008

Lobster & Swan Record the Day

It doesn't take much to peak my interest when one combines the words "lobster" and "swan". It's one of my favorite blog names...Lobster & Swan. Honestly, I don't know what it is but it just makes me kinda happy. Perhaps because it just sounds like a story...which is perfect for a blog, wouldn't you say? Written by Jess (from across "the pond" in England), she also maintains a second blog entitled Record the Day as well as her etsy shop. Jess is a busy woman. But also a creative one.

Record the Day is something of a visual diary where Jess will post images of daily collages she creates to mark the day. I cannot imagine such dedicated discipline...much less the lovely results (see above...and here). But Jess would seem to try to inspire similar motivation by her etsy offerings. Thoughtfully curated collections of various ephemera that might just inspire one to make their own daily collage recordings, or wrap up an extra special gift, or any multitude of creative pursuits. She's posted a number of new collections in her shop...have a look see. How might you record your day?


  1. Wowee. Thank you for the introduction. She's quite the talented lady.

  2. Record the Day is in my top three!!

    I find it very inspirational and well - YUMMY!!

  3. Paper, cardboards, strings and roses – it´s so wonderful materials!

  4. I really admire how she has the willpower to make the collages daily. And they are lovely, too!


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