January 30, 2008

You got served!

(Shut up! The Pantone Collection from Fishs Eddy - the pre-eminent place of tableware seduction.)

I love me some serious domesticity. The days that I used to whoop it up from one club to another are pretty much past me and my idea of a good time is more inclined toward a small dinner with friends. I have some nice glassware pieces but my tableware could use a serious lift. As such, the universe has decided to tempt me with some continuous findings in the dishware department. It's like someone's trying to tell me something, like, "mmm, hmm...you got served."

Uh...SHUT DOWN! The Memo collection from Fishs Eddy. Whad'I'tell'ya?!

Alphabet wares from, where else, Fishs Eddy.

The latest release from Rosanna (a local company). The Mondo collection due out in February '08.
UPDATE: A portion of the proceeds on sales of the Mondo collection will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Way to go Rosanna!

Fashion inspired settings from Pearl Bell. Animal plates coming soon!

Fun with plastic...Roots & Shoots from designer Jon Nagle at shopSCAD. Fufills my love of nature, silhouettes, and typographic flourishes.

My ultimate favorite! Dessert cups from White Forest Pottery. The name alone grabs me as I heart all (well, most) white pottery. I don't know what it is but I could have scads and scads of the stuff around me. And, thanks to artist Nancy Bauch, I know where I'll be going now.


  1. I share your affection for white pottery. These are beautiful.

  2. So many nice photos and things...I special like the plates.

  3. those rosanna pieces are incredible! so glad i found your blog-- you posts are fantastic!

  4. Geeze UB, you are a blogging machine! So I am liking the dinnerware. Last year I spent countless hours trying to settle on a dish that suited our life and my style. Since we were carving a wine room out of a closet in our dining room, I went for rustic Tuscan elegance but my groovy side loves what you've shared from Roots & Shoots.

  5. Thanks Everyone for your comments :)

    Janne, glad to know I am not alone in this.

    Marie-Louise, I can imagine you would like the plates given your own lovely work :)

    Jess, thanks for the compliment & know that I'll be swinging by your blog too. Good looking stuff.

    Cheryl, I'm tryin' to work it! When it comes to design motivation I am all over the board. Like a happier, design-oriented schizophrenia.

  6. Mmmm....liked especially Rosanna and White Forest Pottery, could buy those shops empty. (Well, ummm, if I had the needed finances for that.) But, could start with smaller purchases, though. ; )

  7. i love the pieces you picked especially the first photo.


  8. GAH! Love the note book inspired sets! Great finds!

  9. Stunning collection. I especially like the Pearl Bell plates. Too interesting to eat on, they'd have to go up on the wall.


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