January 28, 2008

Back to the future.

So last weekend I was out and around Poulsbo with Bob & Kristine. We went into Coco to browse around and I managed to score this little beauty.....

What's not to love here? The cover illustration is phenomenal and it's French for heaven's sake! (Although, I love the fact that the first song listed is "April In Portugal"!? Maybe "April In Paris" hadn't been written yet?) Anyway, not only is it the cover but the original record was also inside! I have a turntable so that wasn't a problem but it was too bad that I couldn't tech myself out and go classic French...iPod style. Then the clouds parted, and an angel (could've been a pigeon...y'know rays of sun in my eyes and whatnot) flew past, guiding me straight to Fred Flare to find this little "Back To The Future" beauty....

The Vinyl Archiver let's you convert and download your vinyl into your iTunes library! You mean that Celebration by Kool & The Gang can hit the road with me?! Oooh, or that extended 12" remix of CeCe Penniston?!! Stop the press....Lawrence Welk can ride the bus with me now?!?! Oh yeah, that's m'jam!!!! For only $129.00 (special price), I could be busting my street-side groove to Alouette! And don't you think that would be well worth it? (Don't answer that!)


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