December 11, 2007

Write on!

Harry & David are great, but really, c'mon, how many pears can one person possibly eat? "Ooh, what's this? Another scented candle? You shouldn't have! (Seriously, you shouldn't have.)" You wanna set yourself apart from the gift-giving crowd but giving away that Snow Baby isn't likely going to win you many points. So Mav over at port2port came up with a way to spruce up your options...the Card Society.

A card-of-the-month club, the Card Society delivers two limited-edition letterpress cards (exclusive designs and not sold anywhere else) each month and you can choose anywhere from 1 up to 12 months. The first shipment will arrive with a gift note from you...and, if you hurry and get your order in by December 14th, the first set of cards too. (After the 14th they'll receive a gift package without cards - so the first month will be January.)

So, despite the fact that Francine recommended something from the Quacker Factory...give your people something they might actually use and appreciate this holiday. Please.

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