December 07, 2007

Sharp as a tack.

I love to create things...mainly out of paper. I cannot explain it really, anymore than I could explain why I love the smell of a fresh can of printer's ink. It's a passion and that is about as articulate as I can get (particularly at this hour of the morning without coffee).

No one person understands this passion, I believe, more than Denise Sharp, known more readily by her company moniker d.Sharp. Her handmade creations are mesmerizing to say the very least and I'd have no room for a drop of text if I were to show you all what she's done. So every once in a while I like to pop by her website and/or her blog to see what she's up to...and to get inspired. Her latest creation was at least as infuriating as it was inspiring. Infuriating? Well, you know, in that, "Now why in the hell didn't I ever think of that?!" kind of way.

Hey, I love to wrap gifts (that whole paper thing). Denise does too. But not everyone does...most don't, it would seem. People seem to get overwhelmed by the myriad of decorative options, bows, ribbons, and the engineering degree required to get it all put together. So Denise has come to your rescue...and even mine, really. She has put together this assortment of letterpress and glitter gift buckles! Really? REALLY? They're genius simple and simply elegant! What could be easier especially during the holidays? Even Scrooge would be a bit tempted I suspect...and the price point would leave him smiling too. (For sale in Denise's online shop.)

(photos from Denise Sharp)


  1. love these paper buckles, they are so cute : )

  2. Aren't they L&S? Such little effort for such fantastic-ness!

    Thanks for commenting. :)

    LOVE your blog/s!


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