December 03, 2007

Le Sweet....

The reality for me is that I really don't need another reason to love the French. The language, the fashion, the cheese (!), the fact that until Starbucks arrived you couldn't get a coffee to go in Paris (imagine just stopping to actually enjoy something?)...and then they go and get all "hey look at what other fabulous things we can come up with will ya'!" Mon Dieu!

Belle de Sucre, from what I've been able to discern (I've been translating a lot o' french sites this morning!), is some phenomenal shop in Paris that was brought to my attention via Particular Aesthetic. The website is ses magnifiques! But can you imagine...all these amazing "sculptures" are sugar! It would seem that someone decided that mere sugar in a bowl simply wouldn't suffice and clearly the Parisians whole-heartedly supported that notion. But c'mon, is it really necessary to elevate everything to an art form? Um...yes...yes it is.

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