December 03, 2007

Le Saucy!

My friend Jenna popped an email my way the other day with a lead on something she thought I might like for my blog (props Jenna!). French, fashionable and a bit naughty, Locher's is certainly up my alley. Sweet and demure like the good girl but laced (or smothered) with a dose of smokin'-in-the-girls'-room attitude, Locher's gives every lady full opportunity to be both sweet and saucy at the same time.

Swiss miss Nicole Locher started Locher's in 2001 wanting to fuse elements of vintage nostalgia and modern style. She loved the beauty and intricacy of embroidery and wanted to bring it back...with a twist (in your knickers!). As she puts it she "adds the playful charm of a dirty saying embroidered into every shirt...[putting] the youthfulness front and center to every top, making it something your Mother wouldn't wear and Daddy shouldn't see." Uh, yeah...maybe. But even if Daddy doesn't like you wearing "I don't play nice", when Mother sees "Will fuck for shoes"...she'll probably understand.

(or "bad girl" in Francaise)

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