December 13, 2007

Cherry Mristmas, Mr. Tarbender!

Cocktails don't enjoy me half as much as I enjoy them. Tuesday night was Kendall's company holiday party...thus my absence yesterday, Kids. (I was alright (yes, really!) just exhausted.) We had a GREAT time which was a bit surprising for me given the vast numbers of business cards being swapped back and forth. For me, I stuck to swapping empty glasses for full ones! Merry Christmas! David, a co-worker of Kendall's (and maker of the fine t-shirt shown above), was standing there when I returned to the table and said "This is the last one." His reply? "Yeah, the last one you'll remember!" Nice one...but you were wrong, David! (So there.) (Okay, well sort of wrong. It's just that I still remember all the one's after that!)

So I'll be around with some more interesting posts a bit later. Just keeping you posted, Kids. Besides it's time for where'd that martini glass get to?

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