December 14, 2007

Bee Serious

So how amazing would this "bee" (see what I did there?) to give or to get as a token of appreciation? The absolutely perfect gift for the foodie (or anyone really) on your list - a 9 varietal flight of raw honeys. And are you kidding me with this packaging!? Each 1 oz. honey-filled vial is hand-corked and sealed with bees wax, then packaged with a beautiful, handcrafted oak block in a ribbon-enclosed gift box. From Bee Raw Honey out of NYC, these are one of a number of "flights" of raw honeys available...even a set for cheese!

Founded by Anne Beckers and rebranded by Sam Yocum and Zeke Freeman (who comes with quite the impressive resume), Bee Raw Honey is dedicated to sourcing raw, unfiltered honeys made from a single flower variety and helps to support and celebrate artisanal beekeepers and the beekeeping heritage represented in each region of the United States. With prices ranging from $12-$78 this is a little something of an indulgence but for what you're getting...c'mon, it's a pretty sweet deal.


  1. I just have to tell you that I adore your blog! Great finds-and I was laughing embarassingly loud at some of your commentary. yeah for beef! (and im a vegetarian so thats the first time ive ever said that haha)

  2. Wow...thanks Alissa! That really means a lot...thanks for the compliment. (Especially since your vegetarian ;)!) Thanks again so much. :)


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